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Drift Tallow Co.

magnesium tallow balm

magnesium tallow balm

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our magnesium tallow balm has all the benefits of our nutrient-rich tallow balms you know and love, with added magnesium. this essential mineral, which many are deficient in, is responsible for hundreds of processes in the body.

the genuine zechstein magnesium chloride flakes used in this balm are harvested from the ancient zechstein seabed in europe from approximately 2 miles beneath the surface of the earth and are free of mercury, lead, arsenic, and fluoride. this balm allows the magnesium chloride oil to stay on the skin longer and absorb quickly. absorbs well on wrists, behind knees, soles of feet, and stomach. this is an unwhipped balm.

benefits of magnesium:

- aids in relaxation & sleep

- helps relieve stress

- relieves headaches & pain

- reduces inflammation

- relieves muscle soreness & joint pain

- replenishes magnesium deficiency

- improves eczema & acne

- relieves cramps, including menstrual cramps

- may improve skin damage from aging and sun

- may reduce body odor

...and more. magnesium is truly a vital mineral!

upon first application, a tingling sensation may occur. this is common and should stop with continued use.

ingredients: organic unrefined 100% grass-fed & finished suet tallow, genuine zechstein magnesium chloride oil, organic cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, organic essential oils of lavender, rosemary & sweet orange

read all about tallow, here. our organic unrefined 100% grass-fed & finished suet tallow is always sourced from small family-owned farms in the usa.

olive oil, like tallow, has been used for centuries as skincare. the olive oil used in our products is 100% organic, first cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil. it is made from three ancient varieties of olives: favarol, grignano, and nostrano. it is pressed and bottled by a local family in the veneto region in northern Italy within 12 hours of harvesting.

directions: apply daily for general benefits, as needed to sore and tense muscles, and before bed for a restful sleep. do not apply to broken skin. avoid contact with eyes. stop use if irritation occurs.

because this product is 100% natural, handmade in small batches, and contains no preservatives, beading and variance in texture caused by temperature changes during shipping may occur. this does not affect the benefits of the product and dissolves quickly as it is rubbed in.

handcrafted in charleston, sc

2 oz. (60 ml) glass jar

always unrefined

at drift, our tallow is always unrefined, leaving it in it's most nutrient-rich, natural state.

many tallow skincare makers choose to refine (or "purify") their tallow. while this process does make the tallow white and odorless, it alters it's makeup and can destroy it's most valuable nutrients, compromising all of it's amazing benefits.

wet rendering, the most common method of refining tallow, uses water and salt. this process can cause bacterial and mold growth, contaminating the tallow, and potentially causing skin irritation or infection. it can also compromise the shelf life. because our tallow is unrefined, never purified, each batch may vary in color or smell based on what nature gives us.

"and god made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and god saw that it was good." genesis 1:25

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