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Drift Tallow Co.

original tallow balm

original tallow balm

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centuries-old skincare, unrefined tallow is rich in essential fatty acids and nutrients. it is compatible with the natural oils found in our skin, making it the ultimate balm for nourishing, moisturizing, soothing, and repairing. our original tallow balm smells dreamy thanks to organic essential oils of bergamot and vanilla. for face and body. 

ingredients: organic unrefined 100% grass-fed & finished suet tallow, organic cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, raw unfiltered honey, organic essential oils of bergamot & vanilla

read all about tallow, here. our organic unrefined 100% grass-fed & finished suet tallow is always sourced from small family-owned farms in the usa.

olive oil, like tallow, has been used for centuries as skincare. the olive oil used in our products is 100% organic, first cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil. it is made from three ancient varieties of olives: favarol, grignano, and nostrano. it is pressed and bottled by a local family in the veneto region in northern Italy within 12 hours of harvesting.

directions: a little goes a long way. use a small amount on face and body as needed

because this product is 100% natural, handmade in small batches, and contains no preservatives, beading and variance in texture caused by temperature changes during shipping may occur. this does not affect the benefits of the product and dissolves quickly as it is rubbed in.

handcrafted in charleston, sc

2 oz. (60 ml) glass jar

always unrefined

at drift, our tallow is always unrefined, leaving it in it's most nutrient-rich, natural state.

many tallow skincare makers choose to refine (or "purify") their tallow. while this process does make the tallow white and odorless, it alters it's makeup and can destroy it's most valuable nutrients, compromising all of it's amazing benefits.

wet rendering, the most common method of refining tallow, uses water and salt. this process can cause bacterial and mold growth, contaminating the tallow, and potentially causing skin irritation or infection. it can also compromise the shelf life. because our tallow is unrefined, never purified, each batch may vary in color or smell based on what nature gives us.

"and god made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and god saw that it was good." genesis 1:25

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Mere Boddi

I use this balm everyday on my hands at work and my skin has never felt so hydrated! My skin is glowing!

I’ll never be without a jar!

Whipped, moisturizing perfection! It’s not heavy on the skin at all (although I pack it on every night) and a little goes a long way. I’m getting older and my skin is leaning more dry than before. Other than that I’ve had generally “good skin” and if anything struggle to find products that don’t cause a negative reaction. This balm is a joy to use and has made my good skin even better! I’m excited to buy any new products they come out with :) but even if all they made was this— I’m a customer for life! p.s. the original scented version is heavenly

Karen Dauplaise
Drift Tallow Original is my new favorite moisturizer!

I have been using Drift Tallow Original for several weeks as a facial moisturizer and my skin is loving this product! A little goes a long way too so it will last a long time!

Brittany Drozd
Bought on Turner Farm Recommendation

My daughter was really complaining of itchy skin so when Ashley recommended it, I ordered it right away. It smells nice and goes in well. She is still complaining of itchy skin but I think it’s a bigger problem than tallow can fix. I will order again.


Wow! I wasn't sure what to expect, but this is so creamy and rich. The scent is lovely too.